Tree Reduction / Pruning

We offer a full range of tree surgery services from crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, branch removal and pollarding.

Crown reduction - To reduce the overall volume and visible size of the Tree's crown, while ensuring it maintains its natural shape.

Crown thinning - This process leaves the overall size of the tree as it is but removes selected branches within the crown, this includes dead, split and dangerous branches

Crown Lifting - removing the lower branches to enable access underneath

Pollarding - dramatic pruning of the tree which is forces new growth and prolongs the life of the tree

Hedge Reduction / Trimming

We have many years experience in hedge reduction works and annual hedge trimming.  Some hedges grow out of control and need to be maintained to ensure they compliment your outdoor space.  No job is too small and we carry out regular hedge trimming for numerous customers year on year. 

Tree Removal

 Tree felling often conjures up images of ''lumberjacks'' cutting trees at the base, yelling ''timber'' as the the whole thing topples over and crashes to the ground. While this does actually occur where there is enough space (minus ''timber'' being shouted!), the reality in a domestic garden is a much more controlled approach. Matt and Dan are specialists in removing trees from confined spaces. This involves climbing the tree using a rope and harness and removing smaller sections with a chainsaw to avoid damage to surrounding property and plants. This can also mean the use of rigging lines to lower sections of the tree down safely, in a very controlled way. The branches can then be cut up even smaller on the ground for removal from your garden. 

Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed, an unsightly stump is left, in some cases leaving a dangerous trip hazard.  The best and easiest way of removing the stump is by using a stump grinder, this grinds the stump well below ground level enabling the space to be used for landscaping, fencing or turfing. 


    Belvoir Tree Services also offer domestic fencing . Whether you are looking to improve your existing garden fence, secure you property boundary or add gates and railings we have the fencing skills and experience you require. Our domestic fencing products are finished to the highest standards and fitted with care. We offer most types of fencing and work with premium fencing brands offering all materials from wood, steel and concrete.

We supply logs!

We are suppliers of high quality seasoned firewood to trade and domestic customers, delivering to property, throughout the East Midlands. Our fire wood is fully seasoned, cut to any size you require and ready to use

   Our reputation has been earned through twenty two years of supplying the very best seasoned logs and firewood to our East Midlands log customers. We offer a free delivery service straight to your property within a ten mile radius of our Grantham depot (for other areas minimum order value applies)